Brexton Pham is hiring a

Product Engineer (Full-Stack) at All Blue Labs

What All Blue Labs is looking for

Communicative leader. At this stage, we're looking for an equal. Someone who is their own boss, and willing to take on the business requirements as their own responsibility. You have the freedom to build your systems and team as you imagine it.

Full-stack beast. The marketing team uses Webflow for quick marketing hacks, and when those are validated for primetime, we spin up a React NextJS project that backs up to Firebase. We like React and Firebase, but if you've got a plan for greatness with other tech, let it rip. We want people who can own the entire system, whatever it is.

Highly creative but focused on results. We're all about leverage. It's not about the work we put in, it's about the product we ship out. Iteration is fundamental to our approach, and we admire people who value timeliness over perfection. That said, fuck tech debt. We are engineers ourselves, and respect the balance of short term vs long term platform investments.

About All Blue Labs

Financial infrastructure company.

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