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Engineer at ReadMyECG

What ReadMyECG is looking for

Here's what we need to do:

  1. Build a world-class consumer health experience: “Spotify for heart health.” Just as Spotify is the go-to app for your music, ReadMyECG will be the go-to app for your heart health. Unlimited health for a flat monthly subscription.

  2. Build a massively scalable, human-in-the-loop, biosignal annotation system: “Scale AI for ECG.” Use a combination of signal processing, machine learning, and medical professionals to interpret and triage your ECGs alongside the context of your lifestyle, symptoms, and other smartwatch biosignals.

  3. On top of these two building blocks, reinvent the cardiovascular care system. Constantly monitor biosignals, prevent disease, and escalate subscribers to the right care step at the right time.

About ReadMyECG

We're building the heart coach on your wrist. Our aim is to add 1B life-years to humanity by continuously and passively protecting hearts from disease. To start, our iOS app provides on-demand analysis of Apple Watch ECGs to people with arrhythmias.

We have funding, product love, and paying subscribers. We're growing.

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