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Founding Designer at Recurrency

What Recurrency is looking for

The space we're going after is about as archaic as it gets when it comes to design. We want our company to be differentiated by its attention to detail and design. We're looking for someone who is excited to own this effort, reset the standard for an entire industry, and lay the groundwork for Recurrency to be an innovator in enterprise software design.

As our Founding Designer, will immerse yourself in the problem space and act as the ultimate user advocate. How do you make the complex feel simple in an industry driven by spreadsheets? How do you win and keep users' trust with this scary "artificial intelligence" thing? You will drive the execution required to answer these questions (and many more) as the point-person for UI and UX.

About Recurrency

Recurrency's mission is to automate and optimize the business of distribution.

Distribution is one of the most important parts of the world economy –– without it, goods would never flow from manufacturers to consumers. Last year, North American distributors alone did over $6 trillion in revenue. Even so, the technology that exists to support distributors is, in a word, stagnated. We're building the best team in enterprise software to deliver game-changing innovation to one of the world's most important industries.

Our product is an automated enterprise resource planner (ERP) for distributors.

Today, ERP systems function as the core operational infrastructure of most distributors. Every function that a distributor assumes begins and ends in their ERP––from purchasing to inventory management, from sales to accounting. The ERP’s centrality to each business process is a blessing and a curse. Having everything in one spot simplifies workflows, but it also means that inefficiencies multiply across millions or even billions of dollars of transactions.

Our product exists to give people the best of both worlds. Recurrency is the world's first enterprise optimization system (EOS), a machine learning application that integrates with legacy ERPs like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, or Epicor, to provide the user with recommendations on how to better buy, manage, price, and sell their inventory, all without breaking the single-source-of-truth. Our customers are wholesalers and distributors, ranging from family-owned companies to the Fortune 500.

As a company, we're a well-funded remote team of eight, growing quickly and shipping frequently.

Remote - US Timezones Only
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