Alex Wright is hiring a

COO at Zette

What Zette is looking for

-You're a jack of all trades who can get thrown in the deep end and figure out anything from fundraising to hiring to finances to strategy & product.

-If there was a choice between planning and action, you'd choose action. Early-stage startups need to be ruthlessly efficient at executing, even if everything isn't perfect.

-You care about news media and the role it plays in a civic society-you want to increase access to great journalism for all.

-You have a background in BD/strategy/ops.

About Zette

Tired of hitting paywalls? Never be blocked from the content you want again. Zette allows you to access premium online content through a single paid account. We detect paywalls automatically, allowing you to unlock articles through a system of paid article credits and read them on the spot.

Remote or Bay Area
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