Alex Wright is hiring a

Head of Partnerships at Zette

What Zette is looking for
  • You're passionate about the future of media and news, and furthermore, you have a deep understanding of how the industry works — including its pitfalls.

  • You have experience in business development at a top publisher, publishing or content licensing at a tech company, or a company that works directly with publishers; preferably you have a background in media or publishing.

  • You're motivated on your own accord and don't give up easily. Here at Zette we're building something new, something bold, and something bound to make the legacy publishers turn their heads. Our team is filled with go-getters who are ready to build with grit — we hope this sounds like you too.

About Zette

Tired of hitting paywalls? Never be blocked from the content you want again. Zette allows you to access premium online content through a single paid account. We detect paywalls automatically, allowing you to unlock articles through a system of paid article credits and read them on the spot.

Remote or Bay Area
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